Over the course of my very short life I’ve been asked quite a few frequently annoying questions.
Here I will share with you as many of them as I can remember:

1. What’s wrong with your legs? Or Why do you walk funny?

Oh, there are so many ways I can answer this question but I’ll try to be as straightforward as possible. I have Spina Bifida. It is a birth defect that is generally caused by lack of folic acid in the pregnant woman’s diet. Spina Bifida basically means open spine, that is my spine was open when I was born and therefore was damaged. Luckily I have a mild level of the defect so I can walk (very well I might add), with leg braces. The nerves and therefore the muscles in my lower legs didn’t develop and that’s why I have to wear the leg braces. No, they don’t hurt to wear, most of the time I forget about them and the way I walk (like a penguin, I’ve been told).

2. Why don’t you grow your hair long?

Yes, quite a few people have actually been interested enough to ask me this. I got some weird genetics from my grandmother and my hair is very, very thick. In addition, when I hit puberty the texture changed so if it ever gets long again (not a chance in hell) it will look like an electrocuted mop. Not a pretty picture believe me.

3. Are you really just 5 feet tall?

It’s not so uncommon to be short, really it isn’t. I am only 5 feet tall, another product of the Spina Bifida. It stunts your growth. So while I have the bone structure of someone taller (as I should have been a good 3 inches taller) I am very short. It has its advantages though.

4. What’s your bra size?

Ya know, I’m sure a lot of us righteous babes are asked this question and ya know what? Who the hell cares? My IQ’s higher, that’s all that matters.

5. Why do you wear so much black?

Because it goes with everything and it’s thinning. And I like it.