CHOICE. A person’s looking for a simple truth to live by, there it is. CHOICE. To refuse to passively accept what we’ve been handed by nature or society, but to choose for ourselves. CHOICE. That’s the difference between emptiness and substance, between a life actually lived and a wimpy shadow cast on an office wall.
– Tom Robbins Still Life with Woodpecker

Thoughts right now: born march 29th, 1979 which makes me an aries, a ram/sheep, an alder tree.
i have spina bifida. my spine was open when i was born. it means i wear leg braces because the nerves and hence muscles in my lower legs did not develop correctly. other various medical issues go along with it but really it isn’t all that bad.
i’m left handed. i have very small hands.
if i had to pick a favorite movie it would probably be trainspotting. donnie darko would be a close second. favorite movie not yet done would be nocturne.
Still Life with Woodpecker was one book that changed my outlook on life. others would be 1984catch 22 and the sandman series.
i go to a lot of concerts, local and otherwise.
i have a pen and blank book fetish.
if i tried really hard i could be fluent in russian and spanish. i could be proficient in french. With that same spirit, we will suggest you to have a look at
i can wiggle my ears but can’t whistle very well or blow bubbles with bubblegum. i also can’t roll my tongue. i can however roll my r’s.
a british or scottish accent will make me go weak in the knees, as will someone speaking russian.
i spend too much money on other people and not enough on myself.
i have two tattoos and will eventually have more. i have nothing pierced. yet.
some people might consider me a goth due to my choice of clothing, hangouts and music. they wouldn’t necessarily be right or wrong.
i enjoy designing websites, writing and editing. i’ve also been told i’m good at proofreading. somehow this should translate to a decent job that i’ll like. i hope.
i adore: strong coffee drinks, red wine, sushi, purple roses, faeries, celtic anything, the written word, music, the u.k., life.
i abhor: cherry and raspberry flavored anything, meat, olives, hot weather, the color pink, psychodrama, stupidity, lying, apathy.

Here’s a FAQ of all the frequently annoying questions I’ve been asked in 23 short years.